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  1. I've only been to Waffle House in Indy once and never went back. The IHOP started good before crashing and finally closing down. They just built a new one not far from my house and I might give them another shot.I also never saw the attarction of Bob Evans. Mediocre food, at best.On the other hand, we have had incredibly good luck with Crackle Barrel both in Indy and while on the road.

  2. I’m curious too But good for you Sharon for knowing your limits. That’s an important lesson to teach our kids as well.For me, I’d go naked before I’d do the Edge Walk. Not that anyone in their right mind would ask me to appear naked anywhere, but you know what I mean. Everyone has different limits and different things that feel safe for them.

  3. Phoenix / “He’s a bad guy”“He’s a player. Beware.”“He’s a womanizer. Don’t think about it.”–> GIRL WANTS THE GUY MORE. AND WHEN THAT GIRL GOES AFTER THE BAD BOY, THE DUMB CHICK WHO OPENED HER MOUTH IN THE FIRST PLACE BECOMES PART OF THE CONTEST TOO. lol

  4. Aliás Tiago,Não sei se o tratamento é / foi deficiente ou não, estou apenas a dar de barato que sim porque não tenho especial consideração pela imprensa desportiva Portuguesa. Mas tenho ainda menos consideração por quem constantemente – nos seus blogues – alva a imprensa desportiva ao mesmo tempo que presta um serviço bem pior, para ser simpático, porque quase-sempre reles. Lá está, são prioridades: naquilo que desportivamente afecta-nos são as opções editoriais do 'Record' ou do 'Crime' um bocadinho irrelevantes.

  5. I played a little with it today and, apart of being just a bit of the whole thing, I tell you I get very impressed. I don’t know if fnk will be revolutionary or not, but for sure it’ll make some noise =D.One month left now… how sad =´(.Haha…abraçoPosted by Andre on ·

  6. Que onda vos Jose Joaquin al fin otra ves, mira mano aca les mando mis web aunque lo tengo en construcción espero poder devolver de alguna forma lo que los revolucionarios de otra epoca me heredaron, espepro pues contar con su visita de ves en cuandon.Por una Guatemala Libre y sin Aliens.

  7. Santos CostaNão li/vi nada que me levasse a crer (e eu quero crer) que o Bacchus estava a ser irónico…De qualquer maneira, as tuas 3 vinhetas para vir até aqui custam-te 34€ e não 80€… (assim como para o Bacchus). Almoçam comigo, e já dá para para os cigarros… :D:PJoão RobertoAinda estás a tempo! O Amadora BD tem 3 fim de semanas e um feriado!ahahahahha

  8. A proteção de DEUS em minha vida, neste momento de tanta afliação, que o amigo se tornou o maior inimigo de minha vida. Que esta pessoa seja afastada e levada para bem longe de mim. Pois ele vive perturbando, porque ele é pertubado, e caluniado, o meu dia a dia. Que DEUS tenha piedade de mim. AMÉM.

  9. Component cables can do 1080 HD image but it’s only 1080. Yes most people won’t notice, but it only can do 60HZ, and most TVs today do 120Hz if not 240Hz. Playing Blu-Ray movies through component is just plain stupid. Furthermore, HDMI version 1.3a is required for 3D movies, and HDMI is not just to have audio with your video, it allows one device to control others, so you don’t need multiple remotes, and version 1.4 introduced HDMI Ethernet Channel to share the internet connectivity between digital devices.

  10. Thanks for posting the reviews.  It helps to see what other customers are saying.  I know that Amazon sells more stuff on the internet than anyone else, so using their reviews is a natural.  Also thanks for not just giving the good view but the bad as well.  Keep the posts coming and welcome to the web.

  11. I love gold -I'm sure I was some 50s brassy seaside fortune teller with heaps of it in a- unusual, second hand and tacky too! But that's the wonderful circle of life in a way: some folk get their flight money, others get their 2nd hand bling fix, everyone's happy!

  12. I don’t know where I got the reference, but I heard someone say that Barack Obama is the expert at telling people which road to take, and Hillary Clinton is the expert at building that road.The great thing is that both campaigns can spin that as a positive and a negative.

  13. ありふれた一児の父の意見なのですが。きりんさんはお子様とケンカしたことがお有りなのでしょうか。私も男の子として過ごした人生がありますが、まともにケンカできる相手が居ないと男の子の元気なんて有り余りまくってしようがありませんよ。ケンカしない為の妥協案を提示する大人は「扱いやすい相手」なだけです。12歳なんて、悪事を理解した上で悪さをしています。相手が困ることだと理解して自分の快楽の為に行動します。どんな子供だろうと、小学校6年生や中学1年生というのは自分自身でその悪事を働く心の流れを変えることが出来なければ行けない年です。大人になり社会に出れば、絶対に守らなければ行けないルールのレベルは子供時代より遙かに低くなりますよね。大人のルールを当てはめるのはまだ子供だから早すぎるなどとお考えでしょうか。月極の決算書を提出しなければ翌月の予算削減なんて、甘々にも程がありますよね。他人のお金を取った事への反省が泣けば済むのなら世の男の子はみんな泣きまくります。駄目なモノはどうしたって駄目なのが社会です。どうか、それを教えてあげて下さい。駄目なことをしているけど、良いこともしたからチャラ、なんてことはありません。子供の性格ばかりを気にしすぎてルールを守るという人間性の根幹を忘れさせてはいけません。相手は男の子。それも悪ガキとして認められる社交性の持ち主。多少厳しく叱りつけて家を飛び出しても、これまでの子育てが間違ってなければ自分自身の悪と向き合い改心できます。お父さんお母さんや兄弟が大切だと感じるなら、大切なモノを守る為に人生を生きることが出来るのが男の子です。ケンカしたって良いじゃないですか。「子供に悪を悪と教える親」が責められる所以はありません。(もちろん、非人道的なやり方で教えることは駄目です)そして、今は乳飲み子との時間が大切ならば、旦那さんの威厳を使いまくりましょう。お子さんと旦那さんがふれあう時間が少ないのなら、なおさら旦那さんを虚像化して口裏を合わせて怒鳴りつけてもらいましょう。男の子に理論的な話は子守歌でしかありません。ドーン!と言ってギャーッ!となってワー!となる感じで十分です。そして、きりんさん一家なら仲直りも出来ると信じています。妥協は愛情ではありません。親子と言っても同一人物ではありません。そして、子供は自分ルールが曖昧だからこそ、親として社会ルールの範囲をしっかりと引いてあげましょう。親と言っても人の子。あまりにもひどいと怒って当然です。男の子は、叱られること、怒られることでしか悪事の範囲を理解できないオバカサンです。万引きなどで社会へ迷惑をかける前に、でかい雷を落とす親が居ることを教えてあげましょう。色々言いましたが、最後にもう一度だけ。悪事を働くことや他人に迷惑をかける様な男はかっこわるいと理解させてあげて下さい。若干言い過ぎな面があったかもしれませんが、オトコノコを少しでも理解していただけると幸いです。私が子供の頃食らったげんこつは、たったの二度だけでしたが今でも覚えています。そして今では、怒られて良かった、と心から思えています。

  14. David Irving you want a worse (than Downer) foreign minister in your lifetime? Gareth Evans. (Evans would still be better than Rudd)Hayden was fine as foreign minister. Downer’s performance in other portfolios was mixed, but as foreign minister he performed admirably. Downer is guilty of nothing more than being disliked for partisan political reasons by the grantocracy and readers of those street corner activist rags one sees handed out by misfits in the big smoke.

  15. Oh Jim, what a wonderful piece of writing – and what wonderful advice to any human being!! I would soooo love to buy you lots of belgian chocolate! Or is there a better one? Your spirit is inspirational and your humour, good nature and wit wonderful. Your beautiful daughters must be so proud!!

  16. Hi HarishThanks for being a regular reader of the not want to discuss the gory details of my poor manager and my not so good colleagues online. suffice to say that i did have a boss who had issues and relatively poor; colleagues that have a long way to go. i think the way to handle each of these people or situations is not templatable. i believe in customizing the approach according to the person / context.thanks

  17. Ciao Vittoria,Mi hai dato una brutta notizia Io sono intollerante al lattosio e mangio poca carne e pensavo con la soia di aver trovato una soluzione. Anzi pensavo che fosse un’ottima soluzione dato che ho sempre sentito parlare benissimo della soia, dei suoi benefici anche in campo endocrinologico. Tra l’altro sono in amenorrea post pillola e mi hanno detto che ho pochi estrogeni e pensavo che il fatto che la soia ne contenesse tanti potesse aiutare

  18. Incrível. Sem palavras pra conseguir descrever o vídeo. Desde o último dia de corrida já venho contado as horas pro começo da temporada 2011. F1 é e sempre vai ser uma das minhas paixões. O ruim que vou ter que regravar meu primeiro DVD da temporada pq esse vídeo é obrigatório.

  19. I’ve read some of Maria Montessori’s writings and credit her with watershed advances in the way childhood learning has been viewed. I mentioned her in my book as one of the progressive minds making things better for children. I know people who adore Montessori. I personally don’t have any experience with it.

  20. What I really loved here, is Alfonso all over, by far a very sexy and easy going Latino.With a superb fat uncut cock and on top of that, or shall we said, down that beef, a fantastic low hangers with humongous set of “HUEVOS”.He got into this scene with great spirit for a horny first timer!Alfonso have one of the best cocks I have seen in long time, 100% splendid piece of meat.Hope to see more pictures of him as well as other videos. Piper for sure got a big pipe up his ass!

  21. Et le Djoker qui repaume son service derrière dans un festival de fautes directes. Il en est quand même à 25 depuis le début du match. Même face à un Trotsky moyen et qui a peur, cela ne suffit pas. Cela doit être le plus mauvais match du Djoker que j’ai vu depuis trois ans…

  22. Hi Milo,I have seen (and heard of course) Rory playing Germersheim in 1972. Maybe a good news to you: There is a bootleg of Rory playing the 2nd British Rock Meeting. Maybe you have it already! But if you don’t – let me know!Good taste is timelesszigzagwanderer

  23. I think that’s what this women is doing! Even though i don’t know that much about child abuse right at the second i am still researching. i think that the father should just take the children and run! No lie! I thought that was pretty stupid. I still don’t understand how people can abuse their children.

  24. I love it! See, now you see why I use double space typing after periods. I learned on a typewriter. You have to have it. And I love that you have a Royal Deluxe. It looks just like mine! Love it. And the dimples on the back.This has got to be one of my favorite posts. (if you can’t tell, I’m slightly obsessed about typewriters. I even wrote a couple posts about mine)

  25. Que liiiiiiinda! Camila, me da essa barriga? hahahaha. Ficou ótimo o vestido com o Blazer, queria poder usar esse tipo de vestido mas minha barriga ainda não me permite, por enquanto.. haha beijo linda :* []

  26. 21aCaraca. Esse post é excelente e diz tudo. Parabéns. Você soube dizer exatamente o que acontece nessa nossa linda “e às vezes amarga “Blogsfera.Confesso que já fui meio bitolado com essas coisas de Parcerias, me dá uns trocados que falo de seu produto e tals. Mas ainda bem que percebi logo as coisas e depois de 4 anos blogando, já colho bons frutos e frutos que realmente valem a pena.Mais uma vez, parabéns pelo post.abraços

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  28. Wolke, selbst wenn du den Counterwar gewinnst (also z.B. gegner spielt was du spielst counter gegner counter auf counter du nochmal counter auf das zu erst gespielte) kannst du den einen unnötigen counter entfernen.Ausserdem ist er vor Schadensbasiertem Removal relativ sicher.Wer will schon einen Bolt auf den Schiessen, wenn der Gegner dann einfach einen beliebigen Spell (z.B. Daze) spielen und exilen kann?

  29. The Vanity Fair cover is not satirical, nor is it a spoof. Everything depicted is true. The cover is simply a caricature of the McCains. Hopefully, people will kow the difference betw. the NYer cover and the VF cover. There’s nothing hyperbolized about it. It IS hilarious.

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  31. Whitney–enjoyed your post and liked how you used the metaphor of “onboarding” as a way to envision “guest management” within a website visit (or any digital experience). To take the metaphor to its conclusion, what would the “exit interview” look like?

  32. je suis totalement d'accord avec vous sur ce point. Mais ne pas croire en tout ne veut pas dire croire en rien non plus.Ce n'est pas parce que je pense qu'Elenin est bien une comète que je suis aveugle et que je ne pense pas que les gouvernements se moquent de nous sur de nombreux points (Bugaled Breizh, TWA 800, 11 septembre et j'en passe…).Mais franchement sur cette vidéo, sur la comète Elenin en général, la probabilité qu'Elenin soit une comète est quand même très proche de 1.

  33. Jenna,What a great day idea!!! This is going to be so much fun watching your new home take on a life of it’s own. You are such a talented, artistic individual. I have news for you my little second hand rose! You were upcycling at the age of 10 when you collected old jewelry from garage sales and turned them into beautiful boxes ti hold ones treasures. Do you remember selling them at our local Drugstore in the harbour?

  34. I am outraged!They made this H2H already for ME3 and they still haven’t made H2H for Amalur!!!And they don’t respond to forum posts, or email directly to them!!WHAT GIVES?!?!VN:R_U [1.9.17_1161](from 4 votes)

  35. I always thought that sentence was a reference to the Gyptians stealing horses. (Though what use a horse is on a boat, I don't know. Maybe folk-demonisation again?) It just sounded like the kind of comment someone would make in our world about gypsies. You can almost hear the contemptuous tone of voice they use to talk about them.

  36. I think that leadership can be learned or taught but that's not the issue. The issue is whether or not someone can take what they have learned and apply it continuously, day after day. It is easy to go to class but it is not easy to build a new habit, which I think leadership is. You don't use leadership once; you need to use it every day over a very long time. Thus learning leadership is very much creating a new habit. This is an essential issue with learning practically all management traits.

  37. احتمال باز نبودن پرت ها هست دقت کنید کسی بتونه به شما وصل بشه در کو آپ یعنی پرتتون بازه اگه کسی نمیتونه مشکلا از پرت های شما یا فایر والی که ای اس پی داره هست.

  38. Liebe Katharina, das sieht nach ganz viel Arbeit aus… davor und danach… aber ehrlich; ich finde es soooooo toll was du dir alles hast einfallen lassen für deinen Junior. Ein grosses WOW dafür!!! Das liest und schaut sich nach einem rundum gelungenen Geburtstag für deinen kleinen König an. Ganz liebe Grüsse,Karina

  39. 250I am convinced she was hoping that someone would trip over her so she could sue the store. Give me a break! Who in their right mind would sit on a dirty floor in the middle of a busy store to breast feed their child! She wanted attention, or to just cause trouble. I will most definitely continue to shop at Target. I also agree with what you just wrote. This woman may have made the whole thing up for all we know. I would like to hear from the employee’s that “supposedly” were so rude to her. I’d like to hear their side.

  40. Tack igen. Du är alltid här vid mitt morgonkaffe och det känns angenämt och väldigt inspirerande att du ifrågasätter saker och ting som du gör.jag har inte heller svårt attt "hitta på". Det är mer sorteringen på postanstalten som kunde tukta sina arbetsvanor lite. Pendlar mellan texterna gör jag just nu, kör på bara, och dyker upp och ner.

  41. WRONG!wages have … WRONG!wages have stagnated for 40 years now! and tax rates do have an effect on small businesses that have a smaller window, in allocating expenses to determine whether new positions or new growth opportunities are going to be pursued. Chanos should be less reckless in extrapolating his “work ethic” to what that means to others…since his business is not one that actually makes anything! +1Was this answer helpful?

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  43. It took me 3days trying to upload a new video, and when i finally do and view the video myself…"We're sorry this video is no longer available." how can a new video that has been uploaded and shows that it is available not be? i've been checking it for over 3 hours to see if it was just processing but its still the same! THE VIDEO IS NOT AVAILABLE BUT THE VIEW STATS SHOWS THAT IT HAS BEEN VIEWED MORE THAN 10 TIMES?!?!PLS EXPLAIN THIS PHENOMENON…

  44. Debbie Hi William, do you mean on photographs on another page, or yours? If someone else’s page, then they have probably set their permissions so that no-one can comment (can’t quite see the point though) especially if they’re trying to attract controversy!

  45. What an amazing adventure! The Oregon coast is spectacular – my family originally hails from Tillamook. I'm surprised your campsite refunded your money. That was very nice of them! I wonder how they make any money if they give refunds for weather in Oregon? =) What a splendid adventure. I'm so glad you had a good time!

  46. Vous êtes fou, Olivier, il ne faut jamais avouer : expliquez qu’il s’agit d’une erreur de l’ouvrier typographe qui a laissé choir les caractères de plombs destinés à imprimer la page de votre blog et qui, quand il a voulu les rassembler, a commis la bévue.

  47. , "don't be like mules that need strong bridles and bits in their mouths "Yet Arabs are called wild jackasses of men who need strong control over them so they do not hurt themselves or others. A mule kick can be fatal. Its worse than a horse and more vicious because horses kick for protection but mules will do it for no real reason at all.

  48. You will note that the English entry has no fewer than 11 sources for “He was Turkic in identity and language.” Although the actual distinction between these two in the 14th and 15th century is a topic of debate.

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  61. why did u get rid of the inbox tab?!?!?!?!go back to the old design… lately these "improvements" have been a step backwards. keep the old design for the top bar, and let us keep old profiles! youtube should be for pleasing your audience if u want them to come back, this is making most of us angry with youtube!

  62. I never realized how many pig books are out there, until I tried searching for ones I “kind of” remembered. There are some great pig characters: Poppleton (Cynthia Rylant/Mark Teague), Toots and Puddle (Holly Hobbie), and Wibbly Pig (Mark Inkpen) are among those I love. But my favorite book lately is Benny’s Had Enough by Barbro Lindgren and Olaf Landstrom. Something about that Swedish pig with the attitude and binky is adorable.

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  65. McEwen, isn’t it nice to know people with autism can be more than just “tricks” and sadness? I heard on ABC news a “Story!” about a boy with autism who can draw exactly what he sees from memory. That was NEWS? Can he cross the street safely??? This college story was great to see – it’s REAL WORLD stuff.

  66. With havin so much content and articles do you ever run into any issues of plagorism or copyright infringement? My website has a lot of unique content I’ve either created myself or outsourced but it seems a lot of it is popping it up all over the web without my permission. Do you know any ways to help reduce content from being ripped off? I’d really appreciate it.

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  68. provate, tha sinantithoume gia cafe telos Augoustou. thelw na me deis adinatismeni (kata 100gr) kai maurismeni (apo to “manolia rose” to poli na exw piasei to “pink aurora” (Dulux catalogue 06))Etsi tha exw perissoteres pithanotites…na peraseis kala o,ti ki an kaneis.egw feugw simeraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamats-moutsDesp

  69. slamfu “That was wrong too. So, do we give either president a pass?”Well I’m not sure if either one gets a pass for what happened, but when the Bush admin produced facts that weren’t true, it was a prelude to the greatest single foreign policy blunder so far this century, resulting in the loss of over 100,000 lives, millions displaced, trillions wasted, Iraq in a state of chaos, etc…When the Benghazi issue was covered up, briefly, the resulting catastrophe was…..? Not all actions have equal consequences, and I doubt history will be talking about Benghazi decades from now.

  70. Congrats on your newfound backlash, B. Seems like just yesterday you were breaking down Mountie-Nasty Boys promos.I guess I’m not all that upset with last night’s ending though. I was pleasantly surprised that the night wasn’t all about Ayches, in fact, he came out looking the buffoon, which is at least as unexpected as Nash showing up. I just can’t get too worked up about unpredictable booking when six months ago we would have killed for it.Seriously though, tonight will be worth watching if only for Ricardo’s introduction.

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