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  4. 24 de setembro de 2010Jorgito,Qual o sentido de o cara fazer uma resenha e não colocar a opinião dele? Se fosse um relatório formal e meramente descritivo, não seria resenha – e seria chato demais de ler.Democracia não é só aprender a falar o que a gente quer, é aprender ouvir o que a gente não quer. E, como o próprio autor escreveu, ele gostou do show. Não basta isso? Tem que tietar, é?

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  7. uhhhh, a SMASH book…. Would love to win it. Have just bought my 1st SMASH book ever, though I haven't started yet. But I will defo give it a try soon… Looks so cool with all the bits and pieces. Actually I've also ordered a Fuji polaroid cam, so I can make some smaller pics to add. Can't wait to get it in my hands. Then I'll start SMASHING !!!! :O)Thanks for getting the chance to win it.Hugs Laila

  8. DDThe Prime Minister’s DA would have been overjoyed and filled withgrateful pride that a strong fair-minded person such as yourself could have stood up to–the foul and nasty onslaught of the opposition and the non-stop smear campaign of the MSMSeems the Abbott dirty tricks department has moved into and taken up rental floor space in the Murdoch press’s——— The Australian——- newspaper sitesleep well son and have a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS knowing thousands of us out here admire and respect your no nonsense fair-play articles

  9. I love the original Xcom. I love the look of this game and would love to preorder it on pc, but my concern is that the pc version will only support Windows XP and not Windows 7 (which I have), or at least from what I can google. I do not know if there is anyway there is a way to make it compatible with Windows 7, or that I have gotten that information wrong, but I honestly hope that I am wrong and that I can buy Xcom without worry.

  10. Dear Mr. Gargoyle,Thank you very much for your reasoned discourse, and thoughtfulness in this matter. It is a hugely important Christian witness – a witness of how the Faith and the Church can actually slake a thirst for truth if it's sincerely and tenaciously sought. Thank you for the service of your blog.

  11. Bryan… I haven’t tried it at those ISOs yet and there are very few instances where I shoot at those numbers. I bought my D800 and D800E bodies for commercial, portrait, editorial, architecture and landscape work. If I’m doing hard core sports I’ll probably stay with my D700 bodies since they do 8 FPS; the D800 does 4. However, if I’m strobing an event, the D800 will be the way to go. I suspect there will be D800 bodies in use by the SI shooters now that the NBA post season has started since FPS is not applicable with rafter strobes.

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  14. yo, i have made an LED light box that flashes in time with an audio source, and im planning to make it only flash to the bass. this circuit is exactly what i need, however im unsure how to wire it up. from my audio source i have 1 wire of audio ( guessing that would go to the +) and one ground wire (that would goto the negative?) this is then going into a TIP31 transistor, which still needs the ground and audio seperate…would this work :s only electronics ive ever done is at school with bulbs!

  15. Well spoken Jim. The church – people who love God and His ways – need to put feet to their prayers and continually be a voice to their elected representatives in all spheres of government if we are to be governed in a Godly and quiet manner.Secularism accompanied by anti-Christian voices need not be the only voices heard out in the marketplace.We as Christians need to love people and demonstrate that love in both deed and word. We need to be a voice of truth.

  16. Downey, Bill Hader, Amy Poehler, and Andy Samberg are about the only talented people on that show at this point. How the Tina Fey who masterminds 30 Rock is the same Tina Fey who has overseen the abortion that has been SNL for the last few years is a paradox that will always puzzle me. They definitely need a better Obama – Arminsen has the look, but not the voice or the mannerisms. Plus he’s not funny, which will always handicap a comedy skit.

  17. Since we all seem to be using regular names, now … I thought I’d come clean. It’s heartening to see all of this support. Rochelle, I sent you my email address in a u2u. I have to say …. it was an abrupt change when Jay left iEntry. He used to take care of business, almost immediately. We even had the ability to call him at home on the weekends and he got stuff done. Since, we’ve never gotten anyone’s attention at any time of the day, week. They have the ability to get our attention …. and have. It’s been a one way street for a long, long time.

  18. Les oppositions jour/nuit, esprit/chair ou matière, etc ne sont-elles pas le reflet de l’influence du clergé masculin sur le lexique français ? (miso lit) (lit quoi, je me demande)Et le ying/yang, opposition à la sauce zen, c’est miso aussi ? quelle soupe vous nous faites là… Miso, misère, tout n’est pas combat entre sexes sur cette terre. Les Correcteurs, il est vrai, aiment à relancer cette vieille dispute, mais ne pourrait-elle être … mise au? clou ?

  19. I am ashamed to report that I do not have many clear memories of this. I was 19 years old, living in Austin after a childhood spent in Fort Worth, and probably tripping when this happened. I remember the People’s Temple story much better; I’m guessing that it got more air time in Texas and I would have had more opportunities to see it. Several years later I moved to San Francisco, and learned about Moscone and Milk then.

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  23. Estoy de acuerdo con Eduardo en que la película del Avispón Verde parece bastante mala (según he visto los trailers, porque de tanto leer en internet que efectivamente es más mala que pegarle a la mamá en el Día de las Madres, no la he visto). Creo que solamente fue un poco confuso al escribir su idea…Saludos!

  24. Jiks,Shit happens.It is an unfortunate fact of life.The very best we can do is bear up. Stiff upper lip, and all that.The Post Office is not, sadly, staffed with super-humans. Things go astray, on occasion. They do their best. It is all we can ask.CR.

  25. My professor for Death and Afterlife when I was going to college in Kansas remarked that it was his observation that homicide and suicide are two sides of the same coin.He recounted several times that he had counseled students having trouble, often in the early morning.

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  28. The new X-Men film is, to my understanding, supposed to be a re-boot, which is why it's not consistent with the rest of the films. Wolverine (the film) was okay, I just wasn't happy with the way they screwed up Deadpool

  29. Cabby AZ…………………………. You seem to have a talent for picking up on certain words and expressions made by others. You are perceptive,and you must continue to use this sort of perception,because this is where many lies are going to be proven to be JUST LIES. I have often emphasised that much of the time it is possible to extrapolate the truth from an accidentally spoken word of someone else. Keep your eyes ,and ears open,along with an open mind. You will discover gold eventually.

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  31. I think all pantsers face problems when they try to outline. Since we’ve been used to just winging everything, it can be confusing when the ideas are laid out in front of us and we have to decide what to do with them. And it’s never helpful when a person’s indecisive!

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  34. From a Bill Bailey sketch on immigration into Australia:“Have you ever made a nest among marshland, have you ever lived for a time as a hermit or wildman? Have you ever misdirected a hen to an incorrect location? Have you ever left a country gate slightly ajar… Have you ever made this face: *insert otterface here*”Jo’s last post ..

  35. 198Passei aqui pra escrever sobre a minha (ótima) experiência de compra na Asos. Comprei um casaco de 27 dólares no dia 10/07, e hoje já chegou aqui em casa! Pelos comentários, estava esperando que demorasse muito mais tempo, mas hoje já chegou, e não fui taxada… o único problema é que agora eu vou querer comprar sempre! haha

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  37. Sorry HiRebel – I don’t need your declaration or judgment on what Armenians deserve. As frustrated a position as we are in now, I see hope. The housecleaning and challenge to society have been a long time coming, and even though the road has been rocky, I am optimistic. Real change takes time and persistence.

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  39. Herlige vinterbilder av Jølle i dyp snø. Ser ut som han virkelig storkoser seg. Timo elsker snøen han også og ruller og ruller seg i den, men han kommer ikke så langt i "dyp" snø for korsbåndet er røket i den ene bakfoten. Man merker det nesten ikke sånn til daglig hvis man ikke vet det, men i snøen er det stopp.

  40. I continue to be amazed at the passive response of the nuclear utilities to the clear intent of this administration from day one to violate the NWPA, as amended. How much clearer can it be than to submit a budget containing $0 for OCRWM in 2011? Without a clear threat to retrieve damages uless the DOE fulfills its legal obligation to pursue a license, the administration has run roughshod over the meek and bewildered utilities. Are Obama's promises of a new generation of nuclear power plants enough to keep the utilities' lawyers from protecting the ratepayers? Release the legal dogs, enforce the law, and retrieve the ratepayer's money.

  41. You guys should make a ranking system to rank the people, not their videos. I know that you do honors, which is cool, but what about the people who are really close to an honor? You should do something that ranks them based on subscribers, channel views, average movie views (or something like that) and have a system like1. YouTube Celebrity2. Big Hit3. Rising Star4. Good Stuff5. Not Bad6. New Guy7. Just StartedNot necessarily those specific rankings, but you get the idea. YouTube is great though. Good Job!

  42. Guy Massard dit :Peut-elle « punir avec tous les moyens de droit » les auteurs des tueries de Port-Gentil en 2009 ? Cette justice instrumentalisée par un pouvoir illégitime ne fait qu’en rajouter à la frustration et la colère des gens. Surtout qu’elle est le fait de quelqu’un dont les commerçant syro-libanais et Corses disent beaucoup de bien au quartier. Tôt ou tard, cette dame connaîtra les délices de Gros-Bouquet car, la corruption est condamnable….

  43. the stupidity of the Obots to not see what their leader is really like shows just how ignorant they are.Not only are they ignorant, they are complicit in crime, they cheer on Dem/OBot perps who released the court sealed documents, they love to lie to advance their Communist causes, and they are Max Q hypocrites. Did I leave anything out?

  44. "…Besides who cares about that evolutionary mistake… even as a Supreme Court Justice he doesn't even matter…"Good point. Let's hope that his votes in the future continue to NOT matter. One thing for sure: he will go down in history as the "n****r in the woodpile" that George H.W. Bush found for window dressing on the SCOUS. He is 'one of a kind'…a dinosaur.

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  46. No doubt a not-so-subtle reminder of that GOP president Who Shall Not Be Mentioned – y’know, the one whoa) gave us this recession andb) is ranked far below Carter, just above Buchanan and Harding as one of the worst presidents in our history.Maybe also to remind working-class voters in PA and OH which president did more than anyone to make the shale gas boom feasible.

  47. problems are mostly a result of disobeying Deuteronomy 23:19-20 with the additional iniquity of fractional reserves. My beef with the Austrians, Keynesians, Monetarists, gold-bugs and just about everyone else is that they assume money must be lent into existence. That automatically creates a rentier class, renters of money. Personalities are irrelevant since everyone is caught up in the system.

  48. déplore le franse ratten mais je suis désolé lorsque certains internautes disent que la langue de Vondel n’est pas une langue, c’est un patois, lorsqu’ils disent qu’il faut éradiquer cette langue parce qu’elle ressemble à des rôts, je suis outré et ça c’est des méthodes fascistes, autant que le « franse ratten »!

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  52. 1b6I’m guessing the Giants or Bears draft Eifert at No.19 or No.20. If the Giants take Eifert, the Bears could take Ertz. If the Giants don’t take Eifert but the Bears do, I’m guessing the Packers draft Ertz at No.26.And I don’t think there are any DBs worth drafting at No.31. I think the 49ers should trade up or trade down. Standing pat seems like the worst option.

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  58. A Mirpur, le bus de l’équipe antillaise de cricket est lapidé par des banglais dégoûtés par la piètre performance de leur équipe nationale. Les mécontents ont par erreur pris pour cible le bus qui transportait l’équipe adverse pensant que c’était celui de leur propre équipe. Nul n’est Prophète en son pays. Le chemin de l’enfer est pavé de pierres qui volent.

  59. When someone declares “Zionism is racism”, they are declaring, to my understanding, that they desire that the state of Israel not exist. That’s Zionist paranoia for you. Some Zionists would listen to the Vagina Monologues and conclude that the subtext attacks Israel’s right to exist. In your case, you know that Zionism is racism (being a blantant racist yourself), but knowing that defending racism itself is losign strategy, you throw in a non sequitir about Israel’s right to exist. when that fails, you dead enders then resort to labelling their opponents Holocaust deniers.

  60. according to you i'm a smart religious person…hurray! i feel better about talking evolution already. we teach our children evolution is a process that hasn't stopped, we are continually evolving both temporally and spiritually. such a great feeling to know that tomorrow is progress toward a brighter future based on choices we make today.

  61. Here’s what I think. I agree partially with bambib about women being great social communicators. I believe that the lack of women in I.T. is the reason for the lack of women in I.T. What I’m trying to say is that a woman generally feels like she’s on her own when surrounded by a majority of a male- dominated field and has no common ground (or feels intimidated) when there is no other female to communicate with on their level. I believe that women are fully capable of the same technical capabilities as us men. There are just the social roadblocks or speed bumps that later on end up just being detoured into another field altogether. This is just my opinion.

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  63. Miss you so much… but so glad that you decided to “wear your crown” even on the days that it was rather crooked. I know that our father will bless your sacrifices. Love you

  64. Okay so I scrolled through the photos and did not read your captions. Then I went back to find my favorite picture and all I could think was “man, she has amazing legs!” Then I read your caption and laughed. Seriously she is beautiful and her legs are amazing! I love the picture of her leaning into him, I just feel the love. Amazing as always!

  65. À mon humble avis, cette ensemble de photos est la meilleure à date. On commence à voir les traits du visage de façon à reconnaître les gens et à lire les expressions sur leur visage tout en respectant la vue d’ensemble sur le problème à effectuer. Félicitations Mig.

  66. Good call, Noel Ape. I remember how much the Chargers game sucked, and then remember almost jumping out of the window in the living room because I thought that dude caught the Hail Mary pass. 11 years old, in hindsight, would have been a little early to take my own life, but Bill Cowher’s teams will do that in the playoffs. PLAYOFFS?!?!

  67. efGreetings! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Dallas Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the great work!

  68. Well Burgess, I know CSmith certainly had a legitimate beef with how Mr. Campbell doled out bulk print ads, especially after the '05 election. To be honest, I'm not sure about the 'lectronic division…Perhaps a sharp reader could fill us in…Regardless, I think the real issue here is the coziness of 'friendly' insider access..And Mr. Baldrey loves him some cozy inside access…Heckfire, when it came to David Hahn, v1.0, Mr. Baldrey himself even crowed, in print, about how refreshing it was that Mr. Hahn didn't make him (ie. the reporter) dig, or hunt, or, worst of all, wait….

  69. me acuerdo de ramoncito mendoza, un amigo que con la pelota hacia unos malabares terribles como ronaldiño, pero en la cancha era mas duro que el banderin del corner. creo que en la magia no tiene otra utilidad que “florearnos”, para demostrar una destreza mas, pero que no hace al acto en si.comparto con Ella el post.

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