Our parts are based on own designs and have been made by hand

The material is mainly used CELLULOSE ACETATE

Cellulose acetate is the only plant-based plastic.
The main component is cellulose pellets,
which are prepared from renewable sources
such as cotton flower and wood pulp.

Successive mixtures with plasticizers, additives and coloring
give the final product the characteristics of
flexibility, resistance and desired color.
This results acetate sheets translucent,
transparent or colored solid cellulose.
Vegetable and mineral are used to impart
to the plates a wide range of shapes and colors.

The natural origin of the product, gives it
a particular set of characteristics that are difficult
to find in synthetic resins, such as:
Transparency and brightness. Nice touch, smooth surface.
Optimum acoustic characteristics and sound similar to wood.
Excellent chemical resistance to oils and fats.
Good resistance to light and aging.
Due to its plant does not cause allergies.

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